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5 Useful Mock-up Tools For Bloggers

5 Useful Mock-up Tools For Bloggers

We all know how important an adequate presentation of our work can be, whether it is a graphic or a brand layout. The mockup helps us represent our work in a good-looking, realistic, and impactful way. A lot of people create their own prototypes with Illustrator or Photoshop, there are also some tools that allow you to create mockups in your internet browser or with plugins or applications designed specifically for this.

I found these tools very helpful and I even use some of them on a daily basis because they can do wonders when it comes to creating appropriate mockups.

Mockuuups Studio

Mockuuups Studio is a mockup application designed for Windows and macOS that allows users to work with mockups in faster and easier. The app has everything you might need in order to create things like product prototypes in a matter of seconds, promotional materials or even visuals for social media and/or blog posts.

Mockuuups Studio’s app is very easy to use. It works on drag and drop principle; you just have to drag the elements for your design into the app and create beautiful mockup previews and promotional materials easier than ever.

You can even see the result of your search for the prototype in the library. The app gives you a preview of your model if you just drag the screenshot into the actual model you want to use. After this, the app will automatically insert it into your design, aligned and resized.

Balsamiq Mockups

The Balsamiq Mockup by Balsamiq Studios is arguably the best known Web based UI mockup tool that you can find for free. The app comes as a desktop application and has to be installed locally on your computer. After it’s installed, you can keep using the app as a web application. The app has two versions and you can test both of them for free for 30 days before making a decision to proceed with a paid version.

Once the application loads, the user is offered a wide range of ready to use elements to create a mockup of your product or prototype. The elements are grouped in a tidy way into meaningful categories and the user can easily drag and drop them onto the drawing surface. From here, the user can format the elements according to your final goals and wishes.

Overall, this is a very comprehensive and simple to use mockup tool. The only drawback it has (at least in the demo version) is that the demo version automatically resets every few minutes, making you lose all of your previously done work. This happens every few minutes but if you get the paid version, you won’t be experiencing these issues and still, a few minutes are enough to get a hold of the app and see how it works.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles started with business in July 2016 with a goal to provide customers with affordable digital products such as templates, graphics, mug mockup, illustrations, patterns, and craft files. Among its 150,000 marketplace products, Design Bundles allows users access to some of the best mockup apps and plugins on the market. They take pride in their respectful reputation of constantly delivering quality at (surprisingly) affordable prices and I just had to mention them on this list.


Clean Mockup is a design tool that allows users to create and edit beautiful mockups in your browser. Their mockups are divided into six categories: Web, Android, App Store, Play Store, Apple, and Dribbble. Creating a mockup with CleanMockup is very easy; you just have to select the device, insert the image for your design (it can be: .jpg, .jpeg, or .png) and choose a background with either a gradient or a color.

You can use CleanMockup for free with some restrictions when it comes to downloading (watermarks are added to the final design). However, the paid plan will guarantee you unlimited downloads without watermarks, and in addition to this, UltraHD quality, custom background colors, prioty support, and exclusive mockups. Not bad for $ 4 a month (when paid annually).

Mockups Cloud

Finally, Mockplus Cloud is another handy design and handoff tool that helps designers, developers, and product managers to upload, test, comment, prototype, iterate, and handoff designs online effortlessly while everyone contributes to the final result. The automatically-generated specs, code snippets, and assets help teams save as much as 50% of work time.

Things like syncing designs/specs from Sketch/Adobe XD/PS, creating UI flows and interactive prototypes, commenting designs, downloading design specs/assets, uploading prototypes from different apps like Axure/Justinmind/Mockplus and product documents, and design handoff, etc) can be done with simple clicks and drag-and-drop.

How did you like this list? Did you ever use any of these tools? If not, which one would you like to try? Let us know in the comments

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